Custom software development services :

Power your business transformation with innovative and cost-effective custom software solutions.
give your business competitive advantages not available anywhere else. Do it your way-with custom software that fully leverages technology to simplify, accelerate, and error-proof your business.

Galaxy information technologies has been helping businesses utilize custom software development services to turn their visions into reality.

We provide high-quality, cost-effective, reliable, full-cycle bespoke software development that matches your specific needs, budget, and timeframe. Increase your competitive advantage with a custom solution.

We can help you create new custom software solutions, improve existing solutions, modernize legacy systems, and integrate new systems with existing ones.
We are working with small businesses to large corporations providing custom software development services in all business areas.


Custom software development is the process of designing, implementing, testing, deploying software that is custom built to fit your organization’s requirements rather than purchased off-the-shelf software.

Software outsourcing is a great idea for businesses to develop their custom software. Outsourcing enables businesses to hire developers who are experts in developing custom software and this greatly boosts their productivity.

Custom software development has taken center stage in the web & mobile application industry – mostly because it meets specific requirements. Today, companies prefer custom software application solutions that can deliver on their expectations.

What advantage does customized software have over off-the-shelf?

Pre-built software limits the company as they have to operate within the set functionalities. For example, an off-the-shelf software may offer Sack integration, but what if the company wants to integrate Skype? That’s where customization plays a major role.